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Health and Wellness

Every day we decide to be healthy or sick by our choices in six critical areas of our lives. Our body will always respond correctly to what we eat, drink, exercise and rest, how and what we breathe, and, most importantly, what we think.

Let us help you bring beauty, health, and wellness together.


One of the most important discoveries of the study is Trichology for me is that health is at the root of everything! 

There are 6 essentials for health.

1. What you eat

2. What you drink

3. How you exercise

4. How you rest 

5. What you think 

6. What you breathe

If and when you violate one or more of these essentials, your body responds with symptoms. With that said, hair loss is a Symptom, and know you do not have to be losing your hair to realize your body isn’t working correctly. Please pay attention to your body, and don’t wait till it’s too late. Incorporate these simple essentials daily, and your body will love you back.

Herbal Supplementation 

As a Certified Natural Health Consultant. I aid in bringing balance to the body through natural means. My Multi-Therapeutic Approach is how I have helped people who suffer from hair and scalp disorders. (Nourishing and Cleansing topically and Nourishing and Cleansing internally). 

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