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Nouritress Perfect Hair Vitamins PLUS


Keep Your Hair Healthy! If you are having problems with your hair such as hair shedding, hair breakage, hair thinning, hair loss, or slow hair growth, you should take NouriTress Perfect Hair Vitamins PLUS!! Our PLUS Vitamins has a more advanced formula and has the Dermatologist recommended amount of Biotin and includes the Herb Saw Palmetto, a DHT Blocker which is used to prevent and treat hair loss. 

Amore Colore 

Today, Amore Colore is a global leader in professional haircare products and services. The company is energized with talented people, strong partnerships with the best hairdressers, and superior Research and Development. Amore Colore hair colors have revolutionized the hair care industry and have been providing quality hair colors to leading stylists in the USA and Italy since 1973.


We are a Phyto Concept Salon, offering the finest botanical ingredients to maintain healthy-looking hair to reveal its natural beauty.

Design Essentials

Design Essentials Salon system is a premium, Salon-quality collection of hair care products; designed to preserve, improve, and restore natural hair health.

Created with a blend of natural moisture-rich botanicals, and proteins, combined with leading technologies and ingredients; these products keep hair healthy, strong, and with radiant shine.

Botanical Seven Hair Tea

It’s an herbal blend of Rosemary, Horsetail, Pomegranate, Hibiscus, and Catnip. This special blend was designed to heal the cells in the body to restore the hair, nails, and skin. It is also a liquid vitamin source known to heal the digestive system, promote blood circulation, along with memory concentration, reducing anxiety, weight loss, inflammation, and a source of antioxidants. Each herb has its own healing properties

SilkOut System

We're your solution to damaged hair. Premium products for salons and clients that care for their own hair. Healthy hair is good hair. Let us help you restore and maintain your hair.

Nature's Sunshine

Since 1972 Nature’s Sunshine has grown from a small, family-owned business to one of the leading health and wellness companies in the world. And it’s all built around you, you’re special. Your body, your life, your needs… it’s all unique to you. For a custom solution as unique as you are, we’ve made over 600 different products. From targeted care to daily essentials and weight management solutions, our natural health products feature the best raw ingredients Mother Earth has to offer.

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